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Founder Lee Ann Marino takes time to highlight crafting, sewing, some tutorials and free patterns as we showcase the best of Rose of Sharon Creations's designs and promotions!


January 2017

Our Different Products

At Rose of Sharon Creations, we make:

  • Handkerchiefs for men and women, including custom-embroidered words, designs, and specialized designs
  • Lap scarves and lap scarf/handkerchief sets
  • Prayer/praise flags and banners
  • Church banners
  • Prayer shawls/mantles, for men and women, and available in different fabrics for prayer and dance
  • Altar/modesty cloths
  • Hand-stitched bookmarks
  • Custom-made Bible and book covers
  • Custom-designed minister’s towels
  • Framed knickknacks
  • Framed cross-stitched designs
  • Tote bags
  • Mini quilts, baby quilts, and full-size quilts
  • Decorative pillows
  • Flyers, posters logos and minister’s seals

We are also venturing into new crafting ideas that relate to quilting and patchwork techniques, upcycled materials, and many new tutorials which shall be featured on this blog.


Two Sewing

The Wind is sewing with needles of rain.
With shining needles of rain
It stitches into the thin
Cloth of earth. In,
In, in, in.
Oh, the wind has often sewed with me.
One, two, three.

Spring must have fine things
To wear like other springs.
Of silken green the grass must be
Embroidered. One and two and three.
Then every crocus must be made
So subtly as to seem afraid
Of lifting colour from the ground;
And after crocuses the round
Heads of tulips, and all the fair
Intricate garb that Spring will wear.
The wind must sew with needles of rain,
With shining needles of rain,
Stitching into the thin
Cloth of earth, in,
In, in, in,
For all the springs of futurity.
One, two, three.

- Hazel Hall (Public Domain)

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